Orthodox tea and CTC tea Process

Tea is a noble and complex product that has its own vocabulary. It can be challenging to decipher the different names and classifications of tea. In addition, these designations and classifications vary, depending on the type of tea and the region in which it is grown.

However, it is relevant to understand these differences to choose the tea that suits you concerning its quality, appearance, provenance, and taste.

You may have heard of orthodox tea or CTC tea without knowing what it meant. These are two processes of tea making, opposed, and give you very significant information about the quality of your tea.

Orthodox tea is the most authentic experience. This is the traditional method, a demanding process that requires a lot of labor and know-how but offers the best result. All high-quality teas are made through this process.

During the Orthodox treatment, the tea leaves will follow several stages of elaboration. These phases of tea making are always handled by very experienced people in order not to alter the quality of the tea leaf and get the best flavors. These treatment steps will vary depending on the type of tea, black, green, oolong, or white.

The CTC method, meanwhile, is a more industrial, faster, and more cost-effective method, used mainly for black teas in a standard quality sachet. The leaves are passed through rollers with spikes, which will crush, tear and wrap the leaves (Crush, Tear, Curl). It will produce teas with a more uniform taste, stronger, and more bitter. Indeed, the orthodox treatment, as for him, will give the tea a more complex and delicate flavor.

The orthodox technic and the CTC technic will produce Tea, very different in terms of aromas, savor, and appearance.

At Khalissa, Dubai, all our teas are produced following the Orthodox method, to provide you with the best quality.